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Why we are different

The ION Quality Systems Simpletrak QMS platform allows a company to have one central system for all standard, company, and customer requirements. With flexible solution modules that enables data to be collected however the user envisions, we help create the perfect environment for continual improvement. Don’t change your company to fit a system, the Simpletrak system will adapt to your business model.

Traditional QMS


No live documents – Static documents that have to be manually created, controlled, and updated.


No dynamic reporting – Reports are created but useless a week later.


No supporting process interaction – Supporting processes are controlled by individuates not the system.


No automated notification system – Usually controls are kept with an individual.


No company wide oversight – Only individuals or departments know the status of events.


No process risk model interface – All reporting and risks are calculated manually and reported.

Not Cost Effective !


ION Simpletrak


Live documents –  Approval control, revision history, change logs all controlled with the Simplatrak document publishing system.

Dynamic reporting – Reports are created on the fly using real time data collected.

Supporting process interaction – Supporting processes are controlled by the system, everybody in your organization will now the status of events such as calibration, maintenance, NCR’s, Training, etc….

Automated notification system – Simpletrak will notify individuals of upcoming and missed activities, email or text choose your reminder vehicle.

Company wide oversight – From top management on down know the status, risk and performance of your entire QMS in one convenient report.

Process risk model interface with in your Process interaction diagram – Simpletrak’s process interaction builder allows you to diagram and automate. Know what is supposed to be done, who is supposed to do it, and what are the risks.

More value, cost effective, total solution!

Your QMS Under Control

See some results of customers that are using Simpletrak for their QMS system.

Simpletrak users gather 70% more data then traditional systems

Avg Customer Feedback
Audit pass percentage
Cost Reduction

97% customer approval ratings,100% 3rd party audit pass percentage.80% cost reduction maintaining their QMS

Quality Managers spend 8% of their time using Simpletrak,

Welcome to 21st century Quality Management


At ION Quality, we’re changing how Quality Control systems works. From record collection, documentation, internal auditing and management reviews to member support and integrated analytics–we help you manage your total investment with new technology. Your teams will feel the difference from day one.

Simplify your day-to-day

With one connected system, we give you the oversight to ensure all records needed are being collected on-time and efficiently. All team members will easily be able to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Show how your processes truly interact

With Simpletrak’s process mapping tools, you will not only be able to identify your key process, but you can seamlessly link the inputs and outputs for an interactive presentation. The system comes with the ability to associate who is responsible for an action, along with what is required by your company. Top Management and the team will always know who and what needs to take place to run the organization effectively and efficiently.

A true interactive Internal Audit system

Internal Auditing should be process driven, quick, insightful, and lead to continuous improvement. With Simpletrak’s interactive Internal Audit system you will achieve all of that and more. All audit check-sheets are structured around your defined processes. Check-sheets have interactive pop-ups that are linked to your documentation, records, reports, libraries or what ever activity is needed to show evidence. Simply record the information the question is looking for, or click a button and create an NCR. When you have completed all check-sheets required, the report builder will create a summary of all audit activities.

Finally gain insight into your QMS system

With one management dashboard you will be able to see how effective each process is working. Simpletrak allows top management the insight to see if company objectives are being met, and what risks are associated with them. Our data driven platform will show you the effectiveness of your system as a whole at any given time.

Automate your organizational responsibilities

With Simpletrak’s responsibility mapping tools, your company will be able to create a interactive Organizational diagram. This diagram will create a company structure, display the job description for each position, identify who has been trained for the position and what they were trained on. As your company changes your chart can quickly be re-configured to match your new structure.

Conduct a data driven Management Review in minutes

Simpletrak’s powerful management review system enables a company to conduct a data driven review in minutes. The entire QMS data pool automates the collection process. Don’t spend hours gathering information to prepare for your meeting, always have necessary data needed at your fingertips. Simply walk through the steps and record your output discussion or assign a continual improvement project to further enhance your system. When finished, the report tools will create a fully formatted detailed Management Review with all the supporting data used for analysis, Input and Output discussions, and any continual improvement projects identified.

Preview all the tools that make up your Simpletrak Quality Platform

Customize the solution tools within your QMS platform. Don’t change the way you run your company, our tools can be configured for the way you operate your business.

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