Training Library

Having comprehensive Training Libraries is essential in today’s business environment. With Simpletrak 2.0’s Training Libraries, employee training records are secured in a single area. This key organizational tool allows your records to be accessible from any device at the click of a button.


From creating easy-to-read Org Charts to having training history records on hand, Simpletrak 2.0’s training Library will completely reform your organizational process. Every employee will be accounted for, each job description will be detailed, and all completed tasks will be evaluated for proficiency. These tools work to ensure that your records are safely stored and each part of your business is structured, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Key Features

Organizational Structure

With Simpletrak 2.0’s Organizational Structure feature, you can create detailed org charts that will outline your entire company. These easy-to-read charts will outline each job position in your business and where it ranks in comparison to other jobs.   

Job Description Creation

Highlight key expectations of each job with the Job Description Creation.  Customize requirements for each position and create future training standards.

Proficiency Verification

Proficiency Verification will help you ensure that new employees are meeting job requirements. You will be able to create measurements that will then show you if your standards have been met.

Training Evaluation

Accessing employee training history has never been easier with Simpletrak 2.0. By simply clicking on an employee profile, you will be able to see their completed job trainings at any time.

Employee Re-Evaluation

With Simpletrak 2.0’s Employee Re-Evaluation, you will be able to perform your own employee evaluations after reviewing their work. Ensure that work is still being completed up to your standards after initial training is completed.