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For fourteen years, ION Quality Systems has been accumulating knowledge of the manufacturing industry. In doing so, we have discovered that there is a desperate need for development and advancement. Currently, manufacturing is done and taught using tribal knowledge and information that has been passed down generation-by-generation. Because of this, manufacturing is not seen as a viable career path by tech-savvy youth who perceive the industry as confusing and outdated.

ION wants to change that. By using a comprehensive platform built with current technologies, ION Quality Systems has created cost-effective tools for both small and mid-sized organizations by harnessing pre-existing knowledge of industry. This knowledge then allows for all data to be captured and put into a single, easy-to-use source.

This shared network of knowledge from a multitude of sectors has come to form the ION community. We are striving to create a system of partners that can contribute to an ever-growing knowledge bank that has the ability to attract the next generation to manufacturing. With this new transfer of knowledge, we will create a stronger and steadier workforce that can power ahead into a new age of manufacturing, which will be built on a platform of mobility and engagement.

-Mark Waltz, CEO

Company History

ION Quality Systems was founded by Mark Waltz in 2004. While owning a small manufacturing company and having to achieve an ISO certification for a customer, Mr. Waltz saw the need for an interactive web-based quality system that would allow business owners to truly manage their facilities. Working with a group of business owners from multiple industries, Mark and his team created SimpleTrak to work within any business by making online user-defined tools that combine to create a cohesive and intuitive quality management system.

ION’s team of small business owners and software engineers spent more than two years designing the innovative software called Simpletrak. Since its release 14 years ago, ION has built a reputation of credibility in the marketplace, including 10+ years as the industry leader in quality management business solutions.

January of 2016 Simpletrak 2.0 was released after being completely retooled from the ground up. Key improvement initiatives included: a new customer interface, admin widget tools, employee profile builders, process dashboard interfaces with risk models, testing library, document publishing system, API accounting interface, and a complete mobile platform.

ION Milestones

2004 - Company Launch
ION Quality Systems was incorporated
2006 - Achieve 1st ISO Certification
Using Simpletrak and the ION system, first customer achieves ISO certification
2007 - Achieve 1st AS Certification
Using Simpletrak and the ION system, first customer achieves AS certification
2008 - Achieve 1st NADCAP Certification
Using Simpletrak and the ION system, first customer achieves NADCAP certification
2008 - Achieve 1st ISO13485 Certification
Using Simpletrak and the ION system, first customer achieves ISO13485 certification
2008 - ION Helps 100 Customers
ION helps 100th customer achieve certification and maintain stronger business practices
2009 - ION Forms Partnership in Australia and New Zealand
ION forms a partnership agreement and expands to Australia and New Zealand
2010 - ION Enters Canada and Mexico
Using Simpletrak and the ION system, company expands customer base into Canada and Mexico
2011 - ION Releases Job Tracking System
ION releases new Job Tracker system that integrates on their existing QMS platform to create a seamless single source solution.
2012 - ION Enters into Joint Agreement to Build Oversight System
ION enters joint agreement to build Oversight system to support the GTRI effort using their Simpletrak platform.
2013 - ION Helps 300 Customers
ION helps 300th customer achieve certification and maintain stronger business practices
2016 - ION Releases Simpletrak 2.0
ION Releases Simpletrak 2.0 rebuilt from the ground up with four integrated platforms, and a complete mobile interface.
2017 - ION Helps 400 Customers
ION helps 400th customer achieve certification and maintain stronger business practices

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a system in place, why would I need this software?
Most systems are manual and paper based which mostly lead to a quality person running around gathering data, which he or she must then analyze and validate. SimpleTrak gives you these controls at your fingertips. With 3 clicks of your mouse, you see where problems are and eradicate them. SimpleTrak allows your staff to do their job, not chase a paper trail.
Can ION Quality Systems Get Me My Certification?
ION gives you the tools that satisfy all parts of your ISO 9001:2000, AS9100, or NADCAP certification. We recommend the auditor that will most effectively meet your needs.
How long will it take to obtain my certification?
Your customized ION system can be designed and implemented in as few as 90 days or as many as is necessary to achieve your certification goals.
Does ION Charge Per User?
ION simply charges one license fee per location no matter how many users are on the system.

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