Maintenance Equipment

A good Equipment Maintenance program is key in missional success and to ensure maximum uptime at your organization to satisfy customer requirements or specifications.

Simpletrak 2.0’s Equipment Maintenance module allows for real-time oversite into your entire maintenance program. Our intuitive tools allow for detailed maintenance instructions and suitable schedules to ensure your equipment is being maintained on your terms.  Our reporting tools quickly demonstrates how well your maintenance program is working and can easily identify areas of concern to focus on.


You’re two clicks away from seeing and completing any open maintenance items.  Simpletrak 2.0 was intuitively designed to enable any wireless mobile device to be utilized by your maintenance crew to record their tasks.  Eliminate the paper forms and capture your task completion and any critical notes related to the maintenance item in seconds, from anywhere in your operation.  

Key Features

Know when your maintenance is coming up due or past due with the maintenance scheduling system. With multiple areas for notification (Email, Dashboard, or Schedule view) you will never miss a maintenance event again.

Quickly identify a service need and issue a ticket for equipment.

Know the status in real time of all your preventative maintenance items. The dashboard allows you to:

  • See in real-time your On-Time and Uptime metrics
  • Quickly view what is coming up
  • Ensure no items become overdue
  • View all open service tickets

Easily create and deploy maintenance templates for all your critical equipment.

View all maintenance activities and service tickets at the click of a button. Logs display when an item was completed, who did it, and what was noted.