Corrective Action

The Corrective Action process is an essential tool to ensure all events are properly investigated. Using Simpletrak’s Corrective Action feature you see the results of a proper investigation.      

Simpletrak 2.0’s Corrective Action Feature allows the organization to customize their Corrective Action tool, without compromising the proper techniques of thorough ROOT Cause, Containment, Corrective, Preventive, and Effectiveness investigation.


With complete visibility of the Corrective Action process, you will see where you’re at with the investigation, who is responsible for the activity, and what the outcome was. The reporting module allows you to look for trends with Customers, Suppliers, Jobs, Equipment, Discrepancies, Causes, Containments, Corrections, and Costs, just to name a few. All the tools included with this feature will help you ensure that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Key Features

Root Cause Analysis

All investigation tools require a root cause analysis that can incorporate an in-depth 5 why analysis feature. Know that you are getting to the true root cause of your problems every time.

Containment and Corrective Action

All Corrective Action investigations require a containment action to stop the problem and a corrective action to fix it. Have confidence knowing that you are getting a proper investigation and avoiding repeated mistakes.


Know the status in real time of all your investigations. The dashboard allows you to:

  • See open events
  • Direct Access to events
  • Measure the Corrective Action process activates
  • Quantify the Corrective Action process for continual improvements

Analysis Reports

Create reports in real time, analyzing anything from Discrepancies, Root cause, Containments, and Corrective Actions, to Supplies, Customers, Part numbers, Equipment, and Costs.

Scenario Builders

Prebuild Corrective Action Scenarios that can be used over again so anybody in your organization can learn to write and investigate a proper Corrective Action.

Effectiveness Measurement

All Corrective Actions contain that last important piece for measuring the effectiveness of the action taken. Ensure the action taken was effective and verified as part of your complete investigation.