Non Conformance Reporting

The Non Conformance Reporting process is essential in ensuring that all events are properly investigated and documented. With Simpletrak’s Non Conformance Reporting feature, you will be able to view and document the results of an investigation. The NCR tool gives you the power to quickly address quality control problems and determine the appropriate corrective actions to take.

Simpletrak 2.0’s Non Conformance Reporting Feature lets the organization customize the investigation process without compromising key information. The required information needed for a well-document report will still be present, but the company will be in control of the process. This control allows you to identify company-specific data and quickly document a report that can then be used in other trending models.


With complete visibility and an easy-to-use mobile interface, the reporting module allows you to search for trends on any device. From Customers, Suppliers, Jobs, and Equipment to Discrepancies, Causes, Corrections, and Costs, you will be able to evaluate every part of your organization. All the tools included in this feature will help you prevent making the same mistake twice.

Key Features


Quickly documenting NCR’s is easier than ever with Simpletrak 2.0. Our easy-to-read dashboards and reports can be accessed from anywhere. Reports can be created with the click of a button and viewed at whatever time. 

Analysis Reports

Be able to know what went wrong and why it happened. Analysis reports provide Primary Reason Codes, Discrepancies, and Root Causes, allowing you to get the heart of the problem the first time it happens.

 Quick Search

Simpletrak 2.0’s Quick Search feature is the key to making your NCR documentation accessible. Be able to easily locate past reports at any time and have your organization’s full NCR history at your fingertips.

Quality Alerts

Prevent a bad situation from getting worse with Quality Alerts. Easily notify members of your internal staff when the problem occurs before you begin the full investigation. 

Cost Analysis

Take control of the situation with Simpletrak 2.0’s Cost Analysis feature. Know how much the problem has already cost you and find the most effective and efficient corrective action. 

Upload External Files

Uploading External Files will advance your document library. With more information, you will be able to have a deeper understanding of what went wrong and ensure that it never happens again. Stay organized and stay ahead.