Customer Feedback

The Customer Feedback feature allows you to gather customer survey data, granting greater insight into the customers’ perception of your organization.       

Simpletrak 2.0’s customer feedback system permits you to set customer objectives, send out surveys, and track the results. You will have the ability to see all the data in a convenient Dashboard, which will then help you identify the areas in need of improvement. All this valuable information is easily displayed with the customer report builder.


Having the insight to know what your customers think of your company is a beneficial tool. Keep happy customers by addressing problems before they even happen. Don’t guess the facts, know them! Analyze the data that has been collected and know what needs to be worked on. Make sure you are always meeting your customer stated objectives by understanding your customer’s needs.

Key Features

Just schedule a survey in the system to send your customer a link or call them and enter the data straight in the system.

Know your survey status in real time.  The dashboard allows you to:

  • Set Measurable Objectives and see the results.
  • Risk model your events
  • Know how many Surveys have been collected
  • Quantify the Customer Feedback process for continual improvements

 Create reports in real time and analyze Company Objectives, Lowest response results, and Individual customer responses.

Make as many different surveys as needed so you get the data that you are looking for.