Testing Module

The Testing Module in Simpletrak 2.0 is an essential piece to track the proficiency of a user’s job description. Custom tests can be created to make sure a user is still capable of doing their job. We can provide you with standard tests, or you can make your own tests.

The custom test creation tool is a powerful module that gives you plenty of options for customization. Attachments can be put into each question to make your test more interactive. You Tube videos can also be attached to a test to make your users watch a training video and test their knowledge.


Every company is unique and uses its own set of testing requirements. The Testing Module’s customization tools allows you to create tests for any job description, company policy, or any other requirement you may have.

Key Features

Employee Learning Center

Training new employees and keeping older ones up to date of company requirements is easy with the Employee Learning Center. Assigned tests can be accessed from any device and completed by your employees anywhere.

Testing Creation

With Simpletrak 2.0’s Testing Creature feature, you will be able to customize tests to fit any of your needs. From employee training and machine usage to workplace conduct and company expectations, conveniently create the tests that you need the most.

Passing Percentage

Determine the appropriate passing percentage for the test that you created.   Employees will continue taking the test until they can meet or surpass the set Passing Percentage.

Video Interface

With Simpletrak 2.0’s Video Interface feature, you will be able to upload instructional videos that aid the test taking process. Communicate important information and create effective tests with this easy-to-use feature.

Document Upload

Document Upload allows you to take your tests to the next level. Whether it be identifiable pictures or informational reading materials, this feature ensures that you are maximizing the effectiveness of each test.