Purchasing is an important process in today’s complex business environment. When you are able to accurately communicate information to your supplier, navigating these complexities becomes significantly easier. Ensure that you are getting what you need when it is required.

Simpletrak 2.0’s purchasing system allows for all purchasing activities to be performed in a single system. With a single click, job requirements can be pulled directly from planning, suppliers can be identified as in good or bad standing, and additional flow down requirements can be deployed.


With Quality Clause Association, Planning Interface, Process Linking, Inventory communication, Receiving Requirements, and Supplier Control Interface, you will only make purchases that you feel 100% confident in. The entire Purchasing library functions to give you insight into your relationships with suppliers and ensures that you have documentation of your full transaction history.

Key Features

Quality Clause Association

Fully understand the purchasing agreement from the beginning. The Quality Clause Association helps you to ensure that you are getting the best products from your supplier with the appropriate benefits.

Planning Interface

With Simpletrak 2.0’s Planning Interface, you will have access to completely interactive outlines of your purchase orders. Stay on top of Order Information, Supplier Approvals, and Tracking Information on a single web page.

Process Linking

Process Linking prevents you from ever making purchasing mistakes again. Directly link planning information to your purchase orders to ensure that you are receiving precisely what you need every time.

Inventory Connection

With Simpletrak 2.0’s Inventory Connection, you can quickly create a purchase order from your inventory requirements. Eliminate errors and get exactly what you need at the click of a button.

Receiving Requirements

With Simpletrak 2.0, Receiving Requirements are built into the purchasing process. Have checklists of all of your requirements available to you at anytime and anywhere. 

Supplier Control Interface

Ensure that all suppliers you purchase from are in good standing. Weed out suspended suppliers and stay in control of all of your orders with the Supplier Control Interface.