Inventory Control

Managing inventory is time consuming and cumbersome. With the ERP Inventory management system, it’s as easy as point and click.  Know what you have, where it came from, who received it, where its located, and how it got there.

Simpletrak 2.0’s Inventory system captures and records all the information needed for complete traceability from any device. Be confident that your inventory items have all the history of transactions needed for complete lot traceability (receiving shippers, C of C ‘s, material certifications, associated planning, pictures, etc.). Access your inventory with a QR code reader for viewing or movement activities. The system comes with notification tools that warn you of items getting low of desired quantities, so you never run out of key components. Create identification labels so you can quickly put your inventory away and have it available when you need it.  


Knowing what you have and where it came from is critical in today’s manufacturing environment. Keeping all records together in one location, and being able to move them to a job, is key for todays traceability requirements. No more looking around for material certs, or stock over run records when you are getting ready to ship a job. Be confident in knowing that you have all required records needed by your customer when asked to provide them.  

Key Features

Maintain item movement history so you can see who did what and when they did it. Each history log comes associated with every inventory item for easy review.  

Each report or label comes with a QR code, so you can look up inventory from any device and move if necessary.

Inventory items come with a threshold setting. This setting will automatically notify identified parties if an item is running low. Never be without a key component or material again.

All inventory items can upload corresponding documents to provide lot traceability back to the source. Also, overrun items or jobs built directly for inventory will link with product travelers for complete traceability.   

Create 4” by 6” inch labels so you can identify your items and quickly put them away.

 Inventory screens come with a purchasing link, so reorders are quick. Know that you are ordering the right item every time.