Properly documenting your inspection activities while ensuring complete traceability has always been a challenge in most manufacturing facilities. With the easy Inspection feature capturing data has never been easier.   

Simpletrak 2.0’s inspection system allows the user to tailor their inspection activities for the exact requirements. With customizable forms and calibration linking, capturing key inspection is as easy as point and click. First Piece, Final, or First Article inspection can be configured with your planning step for the exact requirement.


Being able to capture inspection data on any device directly into your system will save you time and ensure nothing is missed. With calibration linking and customized forms, recording all your inspection criteria is easy and traceable. Keeping all your job data in one place allows for better traceability, no more scanning inspection records at the end of a job everything in Simpletrak 2.0 is stored within the planning.  

Key Features

Create forms for your specific application. Don’t waste time trying to use a “one size fits all” approach that leaves you with data not being collected, or information that is not required. Create the exact form needed and apply it to the corresponding planning step.

Select devices directly from your calibration inventory system. Have confidence knowing that you are only using currently calibrated devises when performing any inspection activity. Keep complete traceability on all features. If a device fails a calibration event, quickly know what products could have been affected by that device.  

Having the ability to collect inspection records on any device (tablet, phone, computer) will increase your inspection performance. Don’t waste time writing data down, transferring information to a form, and finally uploading the completed documents to your server. Simply collect the inspection results on any device and move to your next step.

All inspection activities are directly associated with a specific step on your planning. Keep all your data records together for each job in one complete system. No more looking for information for Customers or auditors, be able to retrieve data at the clink of a button.