Easy Planning

Having the ability to create effective planning that captures all the customer and company requirements quickly and efficiently has always been a challenge for most companies. With the ERP easy planning tools, this challenge has become a thing of the past.

Simpletrak 2.0 links all previous activities (Quote and Contract review) directly to your planning so all the information is at your fingertips. The system comes with a step library for you to quickly create an effective plan to meet all your customer requirements. If the library wasn’t easy enough, the system also comes with planning templates that can be used to create your planning with minimal adjustments. Other key features include quote conversion tools that create the planning for you, ensuring all information is properly captured and documented so the job planning created is exactly as the estimator intended it to be.      


Having all the information directly feeding into your planning eliminates costly mistakes and provides better communication between all processes. A well-documented plan increases productivity and empowers your workforce with all the information (Sequence of manufacturing, Instructions for each sequence, Estimated time, identified risks, Prints, Drawings, Setup sheets, Inspection Sheets) needed to perform their job effectively and efficiently. Planning can be accessed from any devise anywhere so no more wandering around, looking for someone to ask, “What’s next?” or ” How do I do it?”

Key Features

Step Library

Your library comes complete with all the steps needed to create a proper plan with instructions for each step. By building out your library ahead of time you can ensure all requirements are captured and communicated to all personnel.

Planning Templates

You can arrange your steps to create pre-built templates, so you can quickly go from contract review to job release in minutes.

Quote Conversion Tool

If your job was quoted within the system you can use the quote conversion tool to create your planning for you. Guarantee all estimating requirements are captured within your planning. Know how long each step should take by what was estimated so your profitability goes up, or know estimating was wrong, so it can quickly be adjusted for next time.

Inspection Linking

Link inspection forms (Simple, Advanced, or the AS9102) directly to the corresponding planning step so all your job data is in one container.

Purchasing and Receiving Forms

Purchase orders and related receiving activity forms can also be identified and linked directly to your planning, ensuring complete traceability for all information related to the job.  

Document Upload

Upload any external documents (Drawings, Prints, Instructions, C of C’s, Certs, ETC) that are needed to aid in the manufacturing process or are required for traceability to what was produced. Keep all job requirements together so nothing is missed or overlooked.