Contract Review

Contract Review is an essential process to ensure all products produced at your organization are compliant to customer requirements or specifications.

Simpletrak 2.0’s Contract Review feature allows the organization to create a fully customized process, in which all required review steps are performed every time by the qualified party(s). The Contract Review process is incorporated with the company’s planning, so additional customer requirements are never overlooked.  


With complete visibility from review to planning, customer requirements are ensured to be accurately communicated and accounted for throughout the product realization process. This eliminates costly mistakes and traceability requirements that were simply overlooked.

Ensure you have the capacity to fulfill the customer requirements every time you accept a job.

Key Features

Contract Risk Model

After your  requirements for the Contract Review process have been established and completed, the Contract Review Feature will identify the appropriate risk factor for the job, guaranteeing all parties are well informed and know how to proceed.

Customer Profile

You can build out a customer profile that will ensure additional customer quality requirements are verified during the Contract Review process.

Have all the information at your fingertips when accepting a job. Ensure the information is communicated and incorporated into your planning so all customer requirements are identified and met every time.   

Job Capacity

Have confidence in knowing that when you accept a job, you will know the exact shop floor capacity and what must be accomplished to meet customer delivery requirements. No more accepting jobs in the dark! Know where you’re at all the time, in real time.  

Process Linking

When the Contract Review process has been completed, it automatically links to the planning and subsequent job traveler, allowing everybody to be in the know. No more looking for information or finger pointing. Know all the requirements every time.